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Best Minerals for Sheep

Mineral Buffet for Sheep: The Complete Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt

Mineral Buffet for Sheep: The Complete Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt

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The Free Choice Enterprises mineral buffet system, repackaged in smaller sizes for smaller flocks! Order the complete starter kit at a savings and get free shipping to help you get started!

The BEST Minerals for Sheep

We've been using this system in our own sheep flock for going on three years.  They have never been healthier and we have thousands of herds, many with sheep, across the country saying the same.  I sell them because I firmly believe these are the best minerals for sheep and I will never go back to a blended mineral system.

For more info, see our page on why we chose mineral buffet and our tutorial for building your own mineral buffet feeder.  See ingredients and labels here.

Note on substitutions: if inventory of FCE calcium, sulfur or silicon is running low, we will substitute with calcium (identical to FCE), sulfur or silicon with no rice hull.

Have questions?  Join The Mineral Buffet on Facebook to get real user experiences, ask questions before you buy and get support when you're ready to set up the system.

Purchased individually, these bags retail for $160, so this is an affordable way to get started and see what your herd will be consuming. Reorder in 2-pound to 25-pound bags from our website so you purchase only exactly what your herd needs!

Included are one pound each of:

  • B - boron
  • CA - calcium
  • CB - vitamins C&B
  • CO - cobalt
  • CU - copper
  • I - iodine
  • K - potassium
  • NA - sodium
  • P - phosphorus
  • S - sulfur
  • SE - selenium
  • SI - silicon
  • V4 - vitamins A, D, E
  • ZN - zinc
  • plain white salt

And one-half pound each of:

  • CL - alkaline neutralizer
  • FE - iron
  • MG - magnesium
  • MN - manganese
  • MO - molybdenum
  • OH - acid neutralizer

How soon will I need to reorder?

Consumption varies greatly between herds and we've found it is not possible to anticipate which minerals a specific herd will need, but you'll find that many of these will not need to be reordered for quite some time.  We have users still using the same original minerals a year later because their goats consume hardly any.  You will find that you'll have about 5 or 6 top minerals you'll need to reorder fairly quickly but as your animals get into balance, they'll consume less and less, or switch to another few favorites as their needs change.

Is this safe for _______?

According to FCE, the mineral buffet is safe for all species which makes this system ideal for mixed species herds.  That's one of my favorite parts, not worrying if my sheep or goats are getting enough!


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