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The COMPLETE Mineral Buffet Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt FACEBOOK SPECIAL OFFER

The COMPLETE Mineral Buffet Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt FACEBOOK SPECIAL OFFER

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Included are one pound each of:

  • B - boron
  • CA - calcium
  • CL - alkaline neutralizer
  • CO - cobalt
  • FE - iron
  • I - iodine
  • K - potassium
  • MG - magnesium
  • MN - manganese
  • MO - molybdenum
  • NA - sodium
  • OH - acid neutralizer
  • P - phosphorus
  • S - sulfur
  • ZN - zinc
  • plain white salt

And two pounds each of:

  • CB - vitamins C&B
  • CU - copper
  • SE - selenium
  • SI - silicon
  • V4 - vitamins A, D, E
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dana Pittman
Works just like you said

We ordered the mineral buffet and, just like advertised, our goats went for very specific (though different for different goats) minerals. The only universal item was kelp which we had already. We are about to order more selenium, they went through it so fast!

Tammy Wilkinson

Still haven't put them out yet, I need to get some containers but I have been having health issues. But I'm hoping to do soon. I love the way your goats go at them. Last year we lost too many, almost all our babies. But it was also a very wet spring.

Nancy Williams
Love it!

We received the starter kit and the goats had a field day!! Even the kids were eating the different minerals! It was shipped quickly and is exactly as described!

crystal burman

I highly recommend these! I feel like my goats are getting the nutrients and minerals they need. For whatever reason, they are into the Boron and Iodine the most right now. Being in Michigan, perhaps that is what our grass hay that we feed them is lacking. Anyway, I am super pleased with my shipment, the cost, and the sense of pride I have giving my goats the best! Thanks Little Avalon Farm for what you are doing here!

Kathryn Mccloud
Nice starter pack

It’s nice to get everything at once. Though I didn’t realize how little I’d get of each mineral. In my mind a pound of each seemed like plenty be as soon as I saw the bags, I was like…I’m going to need like 5 more pounds of each or they’re gonna finish this in a week.