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The COMPLETE Mineral Buffet Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt

The COMPLETE Mineral Buffet Starter Kit 20 Minerals + Salt

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The Free Choice Enterprises mineral buffet system, repackaged in smaller sizes for smaller herds! Order the complete starter kit at a savings and get free shipping to help you get started! 

For more info, see our page on why we chose mineral buffet and our tutorial for building your own mineral buffet feeder.

Have questions?  Join The Mineral Buffet on Facebook to get real user experiences, ask questions before you buy and get support when you're ready to set up the system.

After more than two years selling the mineral buffet, we have fine tuned the contents of this starter kit to include larger quantities of the five top selling minerals so you get more of what you need to get a solid start.

Salt and Iron now included!

Purchased individually, these bags retail for $188, so this is an affordable way to get started and see what your herd will be consuming. Reorder in 2-pound to 25-pound bags from our website so you purchase only exactly what your herd needs!

Included are one pound each of:


  • B - boron
  • CA - calcium
  • CL - alkaline neutralizer
  • CO - cobalt
  • FE - iron
  • I - iodine
  • K - potassium
  • MG - magnesium
  • MN - manganese
  • MO - molybdenum
  • NA - sodium
  • OH - acid neutralizer
  • P - phosphorus
  • S - sulfur
  • ZN - zinc
  • plain white salt

And two pounds each of:

  • CB - vitamins C&B
  • CU - copper
  • SE - selenium
  • SI - silicon
  • V4 - vitamins A, D, E

How soon will I need to reorder?

Consumption varies greatly between herds and we've found it is not possible to anticipate which minerals a specific herd will need, but you'll find that many of these will not need to be reordered for quite some time.  We have users still using the same original minerals a year later because their goats consume hardly any.  You will find that you'll have about 5 or 6 top minerals you'll need to reorder fairly quickly but as your animals get into balance, they'll consume less and less, or switch to another few favorites as their needs change.

Is this safe for _______?

According to FCE, the mineral buffet is safe for all species which makes this system ideal for mixed species herds.  That's one of my favorite parts, not worrying if my sheep or goats are getting enough!


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Terri Lane
Well Received

Received the mineral buffet, efficient, all neatly packaged and ready to go. I have not had time to set it up for the goats just yet, but excited to get that done soon!

Tiffany Waybright

Wonderful product! I got the small mineral buffet starter kit. My goats are loving it so far!
I’m reordering their favorites right now and they were so helpful in helping me with my replacement bag when my code didn’t work! Thank you guys!

Goats seemed to like it, very costly

My goats really took to the buffet and would randomly select things some days and some days other things. It was quite interesting. The one thing was it was soooo expensive. It isn't the fault of the seller as she is just repackaging it into smaller qtys, but it basically the system is unaffordable long term. It also gets very complicated with 15-20 dishes of supplements and topping them up different times. And my baby goats pooped in it a couple times and ruined them.
I sold my goats off recently and considered using this system for my cattle but seems it would be like a "million dollars" to offer this to them and it is very hard to find a weatherproof, cattle proof mineral feeder for so many individual supplements. I wish someone sold a bin like that commercially to purchase. The cows would run thru this in five mins flat and it would literally be pallets of minerals needed. I read somewhere they will just go thru the minerals that taste especially good. And while some do rave about their livestock being better for it, others have reported they saw no difference after I think two yesrs of use with their cows. I think if you have one dear pet goat where you can have a very controlled real clean buffet arrangement, it might work out great and not be too expensive. Goat definitely are more finicky to raise. Two goats and 4 kids went thru quite a lot of certain of these supps.

Lori Patrick
Mineral Buffet

Mineral Buffet in place, buck’s barely touch it but the main herd (does) can’t keep it filled. Only complaint is I have had several orders shipped by mail and get them in less than a week, but the other order coming UPS is taking over 2 weeks. Would prefer general mail for shipping method.

Hi Lori,

Shipping times are really frustrating to me, too. We would love to go through USPS for everything but because of our rural location, the carrier can only accommodate so many packages. I'm going to try to reach out after the holiday season to see if we can somehow arrange a fully daily pickup, because delivery times are WAY different between the carriers. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts - I'll do my best to see if we can find a way to resolve this!


Kaylee Stockton
The best!

We started our mineral buffet 6 months ago and our small dairy herd has never looked better. Their milk supply immediately increased after starting! They look amazing with shiny coats, no parasite/worm issues, and great health ever since. Overall very cost effective. We are about to start our donkeys on the same routine. Highly recommend.