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Stainless Steel Mineral Identification Tags

Stainless Steel Mineral Identification Tags

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Ohmygosh I am so excited to offer these!!!  Now you'll never have to re-apply tape or marker to your mineral bins to identify them.  These high quality 1"x2" stainless steel tags feature all the minerals in the Free Choice Enterprises 20-choice system, sold individually or buy all 21 at a discount.

Tag features:

  • 1" high x 2" wide
  • 2 .14" diameter holes to attach using screws or twist ties (you can get #5 or #6 by 1/2" or so if you want to buy locally)
  • stainless steel construction for durability
  • optional stainless steel screws (not the cheap stuff that will strip out in 2 seconds)
  • optional KELP tags (not included in 21-piece set)

See full description below for the complete list of tags included in the "21-piece set."

Important: screws are an optional additional purchase (because not everyone will use them and they're fancy screws so it'd be a shame to waste them), so be sure to add the correct quantity for as many individual tags as you're buying.  A quantity of "1" will include 2 screws, to fit one tag.

Purchase each mineral tag separately if you don't need the entire set, or save 10% and get these tags, the complete start kit of minerals, in a set:

  1. B
  2. CA
  3. CB
  4. CL
  5. CO
  6. CU
  7. FE
  8. I
  9. K
  10. MG
  11. MN
  12. MO
  13. NA
  14. OH
  15. P
  16. S
  17. SE
  18. SI
  19. V4
  20. ZN
  21. SALT
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Customer Reviews

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Kristen Rudd
Mineral buffet

Absolutely wonderful!!! The goats went right to it. Extremely satisfied!! Thank you!!
-The Rudd Family