Why I Changed My Shop Platform


I'm super excited to announce a big, big change for your shopping experience, but first I want to say: I'm so sorry for the tech issues we've been running into lately!

The shopping cart software I've been using has worked great for a smaller operation, but as we've grown, it's become more and more apparent we've outgrown where we were at. After the fiasco in the last sale, I knew we needed to move sooner than later, so Rachel and I have been working hard to migrate everything over to a new shopping cart hosted by Shopify, arguably the leader in the industry. As it turns out, I think that reputation comes with good reason. 

Initial users are reporting faster load times and easier checkout experiences. On my end, I've had extremely fast customer service responses, which means if an issue does come up, we shouldn't be waiting days to get a resolution. I want your shopping experience to be nothing less than excellent, every time.

The Details

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program was decommissioned at the beginning of this month and an email sent out to all associates. It appears you didn't all get the memo so just adding here that there is no more affiliate program and it will not exist on the new site.

Order History

We were able to successfully import order history, but, here's the really important part: you need to create your account again. The orders are there and they're filed away under your email address, but for security reasons, usernames and passwords don't transfer. When you create a new account, as long as you use your same email address, the orders will show up again in your history.

Rewards Points

We were also able to successfully import rewards points balances. Please double check yours against what it shows in the old system so we can make any changes that may be necessary. Again, you'll need to create a new account for these to show up, so be sure to use the same email you've used on the old system.


Subscriptions will not transfer over, so this is a good opportunity to review those you have in place and create new ones on the new site. 

Yay for Sales!

To celebrate—and thank you for putting up with having to change things up—we're having a storewide 15% OFF sale from now through 10/21/23. I know it's a pain to have to do this, but I think you'll find the experience on the new site is worth the switch. 

Price Drops, the Best News Yet!

I intended to do price drops this fall after we got into the warehouse (which, sadly, is postponed until spring) to reflect our ability to scale as we've grown. Because we can work in higher volume now, it costs less to operate. I want to pass those savings onto you so minerals and my own made herbal products are being reduced as follows:

  1. Starter kits reduced about 10%

  2. Minerals by the pound down about $1 per pound

  3. Herbals down $2/ounce

Many of you have been with me from the beginning and you know we've had some price juggling as what started as a "I wonder if people need this service" grew into a full time living for our family. I appreciate you so much for sticking by and I hope this reduction helps all of you, my beloved farm fam. ❤️

Old Site Decommissioned

I will maintain littleavalonfarm.com/shop/ until the end of this month, so effective 11/1/23, all orders need to be placed on the new site. We will run one last import to be sure all orders placed in October are on the new site as well and then I will shut down the e-commerce portion of my farm website.

I know this is a lot of detail to take in, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

I have so much love and gratitude for you all. Thank you! 


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